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大众多年来对于汽车市场及后市场的运营经验和品牌影响力及AIA雄厚的资金保障及摇钱树捕鱼下载号召力(AIA是多元化、国际化的代表,积极参与汽车赛事、体育运动及资产保值 、增值 、保让等服务),vandy前瞻性的润滑科技实验中心(自1886年汽车诞生以来,Vandy始终致力于机件摩擦损耗的物理及化学领域研究并数次产生革命性突破)...这多方面的优质基因造就了AIA大众这一最优秀的高技术化学品。



AIA大众产品符合奔驰、宝马、沃尔沃、保时捷等几乎世界上所有世界著名汽车制造商的装车和服务用油认证,并达到或超过国际质量认证标准:NATO北约标准、MIL美国军用标准、ASTM美国材料测试标准, BRITISH英国标准、JAPANESE日本国家标准、API 美国石油协会质量等级认证、SAE 美国汽车工程师协会认证、ACEA 欧盟认证。

Volkswagen Brand Management (Asia) is a joint venture between Volkswagen and AIA to provide a full range of technology, products and integrated solutions to the global vehicle and accessories services sector. We own and manipulate a number of world famous brands for vehicle engine lubricants, industrial lubricants, automotive chemicals and other fields. As one of the largest independent brand management companies in the Pan Asia region, our business is gradually covering 18 markets in the region.

"AIA Volkswagen" is a brand new lubricant brand for Volkswagen Brand Management (Asia) in the Pan Asia region. It is based on a new standard for API and ACEA changes in 2016 and a comprehensive upgrade of the market for lubrication performance requirements. "AIA Volkswagen" is committed to providing customers with a wide range of lubricant products, whether you are passenger car lubricant customers, commercial vehicle lubricants customers or industrial lubricants customers, we can provide you with excellent lubrication protection.

(AIA is a diversified, international representative, and actively participate in the car race, sports and asset preservation, value-added), the AIA is a multi-year and international market, (Vandy has always been committed to the mechanical friction and friction in the field of mechanical and chemical research and several revolutionary breakthroughs) ... this more The quality of the gene created a "AIA Volkswagen" the best high-tech chemicals.

"AIA Volkswagen" develops research and development of lubricants and other high-tech chemicals through strategic partnerships with the world's most prestigious, largest and most historic Goode Woods Festival. This is also the reliability and performance of our products Of the baseline test field. "AIA Volkswagen" is always ready to meet the different needs of customers through technical expertise and huge industry leading edge.

"AIA Volkswagen" specifically designed for the most harsh climatic conditions of production, in a longer oil change cycle can withstand 80 - 90 degrees of temperature changes. No special seasonal oil change. Ultra-high quality three and four base oils plus wandy core graphene technology Balanced additive formulations provide effective antiwear protection for the engine over a long oil change cycle while significantly saving oil consumption and reducing harmful gases Of the emissions.

"AIA Volkswagen" products meet Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Porsche and so on almost all the world's leading car manufacturers of loading and service oil certification, and meet or exceed the international quality certification standards: NATO NATO standard, MIL US military standards, ASTM American Material Testing Standards, BRITISH UK Standard, JAPANESE Japan National Standard, API American Petroleum Association Quality Level Certification, SAE American Society of Automotive Engineers Certification, ACEA European Union Certification